The Gift Architect

THE GIFT ARCHITECT A BESPOKE LUXURY GIFT SERVICEZ VISIT SITE SERVICES PROVIDED Graphic Design, WordPress eCommerce Web Development, Search Engine Optimization, and Pay-Per-Click Advertising INDUSTRY Retail THE PROJECT SCOPE The Gift Architect had a Square Space site and was struggling to manage the site and to have Search Engine Optimization done. We worked with the…

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Digital Marketing vs Digital Advertising: Which Do You Need?

Digital Marketing vs Digital Advertising:Which Do You Need? You and your customers know that your company kicks-ass, but you need more people to figure that out. You are overwhelmed by the options, and often the advice, you get. Digital advertising and digital marketing are two of the options available to you. But which is best…

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The Importance of Branding and How It Effects Your Marketing Strategy

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The Importance of Branding & How it Affects Your Marketing Strategy   One of the first focuses of your marketing strategy should involve branding your business. Keep reading to learn more about the importance of branding. Did you know the movie Star Wars: The Force Awakens cost $200 million to make? However, the real surprise…

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2017: The Year Video Took Over Digital Marketing

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In today’s fast-paced digital world, it seems impossible to imagine an effective business that functions without a mobile, tablet or laptop at the ready. Customers, clients and employees alike demand constant communication, connectivity and information, of course online marketing has responded to these needs. From SEO to PPC, e-mail marketing to social media, since the…

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The Robot Revolution: Automation is the Future of Marketing

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Around 5 years ago, a buzz started to rumble around the world of digital media and marketing, that was entirely centered on automation. Now, personalized advertising campaigns driven by adaptive software were nothing new, even as far back as 1999 – Oracle had been selling marketing tools to various businesses in a package called Eloqua.…

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Local SEO: Is it Worth Spending Your Money On?

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60 trillion web pages. Every time you decide to enter a keyword into the search bar, that’s how many archived sites Google will crawl through before it provides you with thousands of relevant results in mere seconds.  Learn why local optimization is worth the investment. This process will repeat itself globally on average 3.5 billion…

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Why Authentic Photos are Superior to Stock Photos (Video)

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We’ve all seen them before. The cheesy, staged photographs with paid actors faking their over-the-top enthusiasm for a product or service. These are called “stock photos”. They’re everywhere and they’re usually pretty easy to identify. You don’t need a trained eye and top-notch detective skills to come to the conclusion that they are not very…

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