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Welcome to the Small Business Advertising Guide!

As a small business owner, your advertising strategy needs to stand out. You may not have the vast resources, extensive reach, or deep pockets of major corporate brands, but that doesn't mean you can't craft highly effective advertising campaigns.

Your advertising approach should mirror the uniqueness and thoughtfulness that define the rest of your business. Advertising plays a pivotal role in any savvy marketing strategy, and mastering the art of connecting with your audience and delivering the right message once you've got their attention is all part of the game.

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Google Local Services Ads

Google Local Services Ads are indispensable for technicians and service providers catering to homeowners. Whether you're an electrician or a pet sitter, leveraging Google Local Services enables small business owners to secure top positions in local search results while providing potential customers with access to reviews and direct contact options. Dive deeper into the nuances of this essential advertising tool below.

These ads are unavailable in all areas; as of this writing, they are unavailable in New Jersey. Call us to find out if they are available in your area.

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Lead Generation through Advertising

Advertising plays a pivotal role in the initial phases of your marketing hourglass. It serves as the catalyst for raising brand awareness, capturing the interest of potential customers, and motivating them to explore your business further, with the ultimate goal of conversion. When executed effectively, advertising becomes a cornerstone in the lead-generation process.

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Paid Search - Leveraging Google Ads (formerly AdWords) and Facebook

Neglecting Google and Facebook in your advertising strategy means overlooking substantial opportunities in the online marketing sphere. These two platforms, with their vast user bases amounting to billions of monthly users, hold unparalleled influence in the digital marketing realm. It's imperative to understand how to optimize their paid search features for lead generation and conversion.

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Advertising and the Customer Journey

The customer journey is more like a winding road than a straight path. It's replete with twists, turns, and occasional detours. This dynamic journey implies that your prospects and customers will encounter your advertising repeatedly, regardless of their position on the route. It's essential to be ready to greet them with advertising that provides value, addresses their needs, and fortifies trust in your brand.