Getting Reviews On Google

As we tell our clients, for local businesses, Google My Business reviews are key. This is also what lays the foundation for you to show in the Map Listings (MapPack). Reviews are one of the first things that show up when someone Google’s your business name or, sometimes even your products/services in your area. Potential customers read these reviews when considering if they should buy from you.

Getting reviews from customers can be an uphill battle, partially because Google doesn’t really make it easy to do so. If you send an email requesting a review on Google, you would have to outline the steps on how to. It would be a really long email and it would likely be deleted.

If you are willing to follow this four-step process you can make it amazingly easy for your clients to review you

Important! Before proceeding, your business must have a business listing on Google. If you do not have a listing on Google, click here to create one.

4 Steps To Create A Link For Customers to Provide Reviews

Step 1: Sign Into Your Google My Business Dashboard

If you have multiple listings under one dashboard, open the listing you would like to create a review link for.

Step 2: Create a Profile Short Name

If you have already created a short name, proceed to step 3, otherwise create one. This is a short, custom name for your business profile that makes it easier for customers to find you on maps and search.profile-short-name

Begin by clicking the “info” tab on your listing dashboard. You will then see an option to add a profile short name (located under phone number and above website).


We recommend making your short name either your business name, or a name people commonly use to refer to your business. For example, we use “aronsonhecht” as our short name, but could also you “ahagency”. The short name has to be 5 characters.

If your business has multiple locations, Google recommends adding the city or neighborhood to your short name to make it more distinct, like "ahanj".

Step 3: Get Your Review Link

Get ReviewsOnce you have created your short name, navigate to the “home” tab on your listing. From here, you will notice a “get more reviews” card on the right side of your dashboard. Click on it to share your new review link!

request reviews


Step 4: Send The Review Link To Customers

Use the link you created to send to customers! A window will appear in their browser that will allow them to easily leave a review if they are signed into their Google account.

Write a Review

WARNING! It is against Google’s policy to solicit reviews from customers by offering incentives. Instead, send out a friendly email to customers asking them to review your business after they used your services.


Share Your Reviews With The World!

Check out Google’s new Google My Business Marketing Kit! This new addition allows you to share your best reviews, and makes them look great while doing it!