Outsource Your Marketing in NJ

Outsource Your Marketing Department Get a Full Team For A Fraction of The Cost.

Graphic designers, art directors, copy writers, branding experts, and more available when you need us.

aha! Outsourcing

Many companies have great products and services. However, properly marketing these products and services can be a challenge. Sure, one can create a brochure in Word or Publisher, but do these materials look professional?  Do they communicate a meaningful and memorable message that relates directly to your products and services, mission, and vision?

Through wisdom and experience we at aha! have recognized many companies struggle with creating creative and compelling marketing materials to communicate their brand messaging.

Hiring a marketing manager might be a good idea. However, In many situations, the manager might know what to do but, often lacks the knowledge and skills to get the work done themselves. They wind up hiring a firm like aha! or hiring individual contractors that work independently. 

Why not consider hiring us on a monthly retainer? We will work with you and your team to determine how many hours of our services a month you might require for your marketing efforts. We will draft a retainer agreement that allows you to send us requests and we deliver for you on time and on budget!  

Need an ad for a magazine? We will design and execute it for you. Need a mailer, banner stands for a trade show or networking event, a press release, changes to your website, brochures, shirts embroidered, or screen printed?  All of this can fall under our retainer agreement, which can save you money and time!

We believe that companies will realize a significant benefit by utilizing us as an asset for their company, rather than having us do work on a project-based arrangement. By employing us on a retainer basis, you have experienced, seasoned professionals being added to your team for less than hiring a marketing professional, even part-time. 

We currently have several companies in the manufacturing business and consulting services arenas that have retained us. They consider us to be their trusted marketing advisors and not merely a project-by-project contractor.

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