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Paid Social, commonly known as Social Advertising, harnesses the power of the largest social media platforms in the world.

Social Media is a crucial part of your marketing efforts Paid Social Media Marketing is more cost effective than Paid Search for most clients.

With billions of active monthly users, Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social platforms have an extremely large and engaged user base that we can reach at any moment. When we tap into these extensive marketing capabilities, combined with diverse creative options, any business large or small can benefit from adding Paid Social to the mix!

Did You Know?


of marketers use Facebook in their brand marketing efforts!

Targeting to Get Results


Through interest and demographic targeting, Paid Social is able to target your ads to reach specific audiences by looking at their interests, activities, the pages they have liked, and closely related topics across the different social platforms as well as their education, employment, household and lifestyle details. The Advanced Algorithm and People Base Marketing System will ensure that the user will only experience relevant ad content by only showing users ads who fit the criteria of a selected audience.


Paid Social can further refine an audience based on online consumer behavior. Behavioral targeting is a way to reach high intent audiences based on their digital activities like purchases, device usage, travel habits, and more! Targeting by behavior pairs great with location interest, and demographic to build a super-refined audience.

For example, you are is a travel agent and looking to expand your advertising to social media. Over time, a user has shown a great deal of interest in going on vacation and has prove to be a frequent traveler, so they become eligible to be targeted based on their online behaviors!


Using pixel data from a website, Paid Social can better understand how users are navigating a website and utilize this data to create custom audiences.

In addition to website retargeting custom audiences, Paid Social can also use on-platform data like your social profile engagement, video views, and ad unit engagement to create custom audiences to retarget!

Toby’s in the market for a new SUV and just visited your dealership website, but she’s not quite ready to make a purchase just yet. Using pixel data from the website, we can better understand Toby as she engages with types of SUVs. With customized creative and messaging, a user can be retargeted with ads specific to the cars they viewed at a later date to give them that final push to make that SUV purchase that they have been researching!

Lookalike Audiences

Lookalike audiences are a valuable tactic to tap into when trying to reach new people who have yet to interact with your business. They are a way to reach new people who are likely to be interested in your business because they are similar to your best existing customers. Lookalike audiences are created off of a source audience, like a customer list or website traffic, and will be populated to contain users who have similar demographic information and interests.

Let’s say Toby finally bought that SUV. Your dealership can now upload a list of past purchasers like Toby and create a lookalike audience off of it to reach new users similar to Leo!

Matched Audiences

Combine CRM data with powerful algorithms to target specific prospects. Just provide a list of customer data, and we’ll upload it to our social platforms, where they’ll match those customers to the user on the social platform!

For instance, you have a list of newsletter subscribers or past purchasers that is looking to reach and re-engage with a promotion. After uploading a customer list of past purchasers, you can target a Matched Audience and serve them with personalized social ads to re-engage those past purchasers with a promotion.


Paid Social makes lead generation easy! With the versatility of the ad unit, lead ads can serve as a form to request a quote, submit an application, RSVP to a local event, and more!

With the right custom questions asked, businesses get all the information they need from a potential lead while users across Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn are given a seamless way to submit their information without ever having to leave the platform on a mobile phone, desktop, or tablet. A user simply taps the ad which prompts a form that will have their contact information pre-populated. With the platform doing the work for you, users are able to submit forms with ease!

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