The best use of video to promote your business.

Video advertising works similarly to programmatic display advertising. As the name suggests, instead of real-time buying and selling of display banner ads, marketers buy video ad inventory instead. Video content playing in the form of YouTube advertising or Pre-Roll (for videos on all ad-servable inventory other than YouTube) can greatly increase sales and optimize your ad spend.

Did you know that YouTube is the world’s second largest search engine and second most visited website, behind only Google.



Doing Pre-Roll Right

Looking to run a strong video campaign but unsure which platform to run on? Our team has you covered. Pre-Roll is when your video ad runs prior to the desired video content that the person is going to watch, making it highly valuable viewable. It harnesses the power of video and distributes it across ad-servable websites and apps on the internet. The best part? We continuously analyze the data and shift the budget around to ensure our client’s marketing dollars are going to the platforms driving the best results.

Keep these things in mind:

  • Include your brand’s logo
  • Provide both a 15 and 30-second video ad
  • Add branding within the first 5 seconds
  • Include the website and phone number of the business
  • Have a clear message on what the product or service is

YouTube Targeting

  • Placements

    Serve ads directly on specific YouTube channels, videos, apps, or websites using placements.

  • Keywords

    Use keywords or phrases to target related videos, channels, or websites that your client’s target audience is interested in.

  • Topics

    Category targeting allows you to reach a user based on the topic of the channel, video, or website they’re on. Looking to deliver an ad on a channel about cars? We’ll choose the “automotive” topic.

youtube report on ipad

Designed To Drive Results

icon retargeting


Deliver ads to their subscribers and users who have viewed your videos with Video Retargeting! (Pre-Roll Advertising)

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Custome Affinity and Intent

With affinity audiences, we can reach people based on a holistic picture of their lifestyles, passions, and habits. Using specific keywords, search history, videos, and topics, we are also able to target users showing intent in purchasing products/services similar to yours. (YouTube Advertising)

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Use Purchase Receipt targeting to reach users who have received purchase confirmations sent to
their email address! These can be from events, invoices, products, and even travel.

icon behavioral search

Search and Behavioral

Search and Behavioral targeting allows for custom audience creation based on a list of keywords that
are relevant to the your campaign.

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Geo-Fencing targeting utilizes multiple data sources to pinpoint a user’s exact whereabouts, allowing clients to target competitors’ locations and other relevant physical locations where their target audience may frequently visit. (Pre-Roll Advertising)

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Through both first and third-party data segments, Pre-Roll/YouTube advertisements are able to reach your ideal user via demographic and psychographic audiences.

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