Rugged Outfittters

Shopify Website Design, Amazon Integration, Point of Sale, PPC, and SEO

CLIENT Rugged Outfitters

October 2020 June 2020


  • eCommerce Shopify Website
  • Point of Sale System for Stores
  • Integration to existing Amazon Store
  • Search Engine Optimization


The Goal

Rugged Outfitters is a family-owned business that sells outdoor and work wear for brands like Carhartt, Timberland, and more.They operate store in Bergenfield and Park Ridge New Jersey in addition to an Amazon store that is incredibly successful.

Although they have been in business for over 75 years, they were losing potential clients to competitors that had an extremely strong e-commerce presence and brand presence. Our goal was to make (MLG) Modern Leather Goods, the go-to leather repair company by creating a new and upscale image that would communicate a more modern, user-friendly, visually impactful customer experience. This fresh new look would put (MLG) on the map and make them more desired and assessable, enabling them to grab more of the market share and surpass competing companies.

Building The Concept

aha! focused on creating a logo and website that would represent the owner’s vision in a new modern and impactful way. The purpose of the new visual identification was to communicate and convey a strong meaningful and memorable identity that would represent how (MLG) is perceived in the fine leather repair arena. Their current customer base was aware of their excellent customer

service and now it was time to transfer and expand their new brand experience digitally. Additionally, the website rebranding would reposition them to obtaining more of the high-end segments in and around the New York Metropolitan area as they provide leather repair services on many upscale designer products.

Challenges, Goals, & Solutions

Originally, customers faced issues when trying to gain an accurate price while describing over the phone what needed to be fixed. aha! implemented a video chat feature on the website which allows the customer to interact directly with the owners in order to have their item priced and repaired as close to its original state. The video chat component enables both Modern Leather Goods, and their customers assess and price more accurately…no surprises! Additional services were added such as curbside pickup, and a location/map section that provides customers with directions to locate (MLG) based on their present location. 


aha! will continue to improve and build on Modern Leather Goods' brand by expanding their customer-base through SEO, pay-per-click advertising, social media marketing, and various digital marketing practices. 

We will also add new testimonials and continue client relations.

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