Who is maintaining your site?

After more than 15 years of managing sites for our clients we have the tools, procedures, people and capabilities to monitor your site and keep the software up to date.

Secure Your Site with aha! today

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Secure Your Site with aha! today

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Your Website is Software Keeping it up to date is crucial

Just like your computer needs it's software kept up-to-date. You site is there for the world to see, but that means that hackers can see it too. Many times they will just hack a site because they can, it is like a game to some. When hosting or managing a website we take extra precautions to make the site secure, but if the US Government cannot stop hackers then all site are at risk.

When WordPress, or any other core software is hacked, the developers find the flaw that was exploited and they fix it. Those fixes become software updates. We want to be sure that your software is on the latest versions, reducing the likelihood of a successful hack attack. We also backup your site daily so if you are hacked, we can restore the site in minutes.

A website is hacked every



Preventative Maintenance Keeps Your Business Running


Software Updates

All website platforms like WordPress have core software and plug-ins that require frequent updates


Website Defender

We implement software specifically design to harden your site form hackers.


Malware Scanning

We scan your site daily to check for a hack, and can recover your site in minutes.

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Database Management

All site run on databases, we maintain and clean these regularly for improved performance.

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Upttime Monitoring

Our techs are notified 24/7 if your site goes down for any reason.

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We will maintain 30 rolling backups of  your site to the cloud

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